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VENICE MOMS is a group for parents living in the Venice area of Los Angeles. Our group was started in the Fall of 2002 by moms seeking to create a community for gatherings, information sharing and parenting support.

After her first daughter was born, Venice Moms co-founder Lis Bothwell was experiencing some challenges and felt the need to connect with other mothers of infants. She started introducing herself to fellow new moms around the neighborhood, and began hosting gatherings in her small house on Shell Avenue. 

The moms met regularly to talk, with more and more showing up. The meetings were a safe place to address any kind of questions. “It was magic” Lis says. An email group was created to expedite communication when the moms couldn’t get together in person. 

In 2006, local mom (and current co-moderator) Regan Kibbee merged her similarly-themed group, Venice Toddlers - which had been meeting for weekly playdates in the Venice United Methodist Church - with Venice Moms. The combined group continued to grow.

Eventually Venice Moms transitioned into primarily an online forum for communication.
These days the email group has close to 2000 subscribers. Members seek and offer support, sharing information, resources, and opportunities to connect. 

If you’re interested in being part of the community, click button below to join.

photo by Jason Saville

photo by Jason Saville